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We’re All Surviving Mercury

Relax, Release, Reevaluate. Mercury Retrograde Can Have You Thinking You’re Going Crazy. This Is A Time To Pump The Brakes On Overthinking And Undervaluing. Instead, Consider These Suggestions For Surviving Mercury And Get Through Retrograde Smooth Sailing.



-Avoid Making Serious Choices
This Is Major. If Possible, Avoid Signing On Any Dotted Lines Or Entering Into Important Contracts, Partnerships Or Agreements. Mercury Retrograde Disconnects Communication Between Us; Therefore, Waiting Until Retrograde Ends Ensures A Clearer Line Of Communication, And Brings Miscommunication To A Minimum. 


-Practice Self Care
Probably The Most Important Of Them All. Most Times, We Are Primary Supporters And Possess Great Responsibilities. We Cannot Take Care Of Others If We Fail To Take Care Of Ourselves.


-Perform Spiritual Baths
Spiritual Baths Are Some Of The Best Emotionally And Mentally Healing Activities You Can Do. They Help To Boost Your Manifestations, Cleanse Energy And Assist In Realignment.


-Recite Affirmations
This Is A Simple Yet Powerful Action. Your Breath Carries Words That Speak Life Into You. They Bring Your Intentions To Fruition.


-Disconnect To Reconnect
During Retrograde, Communication Gets Jumbled, Technology Fails Us, And Assumptions Consume Us. Spend Less Time On Social Media, Watching Television Or Engaging In Other Forms Of Technology. Instead, Spend More Time Meditating And Reconnecting With (Or Finding) Your Purpose.


-Balance Your Chakras
There Are A Ton Of Physical Exercises That Balance, Unblock Or Activate Each Chakra. Don’t Forget To Set Your Intention For The Physical Exercise First. Check Out Our Surviving Mercury Candle To Make This Time A Little Easier To Manage.

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