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Manifested With Self Care In Mind

Spiritual Candles + Baths

Earth + Fire

Our Products Are Curated To Connect With The Soul. We Use All Natural Elements, Such As Rough Stones, Herbs And Botanicals Extracted Right From The Earth.

Only Soy For Us

Soy Wax Is All Natural And Sustainable. It Is A Cleaner Burning Wax Than Paraffin, And Emits Less Soot Into The Atmosphere. And, Because Soy Wax Is An Eco-Friendly Wax Produced From Soybeans, It Does Not Contain These Pollutants And Cancerous Poisons.

Signature Collection

Karma + Krystals Was Manifested With Self Care In Mind. Our Intention Is To Be A Pitstop Along Your Self Care Journey, An Avenue For Self Awareness And Wellness, And Help Navigate To Divine Connections.

Composed Of Essential & Fragrance Oils, Our Signature Collection Takes Self Care To A New Level. Comforting Scents That Collectively Touch The Spirit + Heart + Mind.

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I AM Collection

Speak Your Intentions Into The Flames Of Our I AM Candles. Each Candle Embodies A Different Aspect Of Spiritual Alignment. You’ll Find Our I AM Collection Beneficial While Indulging In Self Care And In Moon Rituals.

I AM Collection

Beyond The Flame

Body Care

Skin Care That Nourishes The Skin + The Soul? That’s Right. From Oils To Butters To Soaps + Scrubs, We Blend Herbs + Essential Oils That Cater To Your Intentions.

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Cleansing Baths

Cleansing By Way Of Water Not Only Frees The Body Of Dirt + Debris, It Does That And More For The Soul. Spiritual Baths Are A Key Part Of Any Self Care Routine.

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Stones + Krystals

Finding The Right Crystals To Work With Can Be Energetically Beneficial. Check Out Our Crystals And How They Can Channel & Compliment Your Energy.

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Herbs + Botanicals

From Teas To Alchemy, Herbs Are Essential Parts Of Wellbeing + Serve Many Purposes. Our Signature Tea Blends Provide Nutrients To The Body + Mind.

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